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We are a proven and highly sought-after music tutoring platform in Singapore! Thousands have enrolled with us and the result speaks for itself. Trained by our team of accomplished teachers, students of all age groups can master electric, acoustic, classical guitar and ukulele very quickly. We offer classes from leisure and all grades. Choice of one-on-one or in groups. Singapore Guitar Tutor, run by a team of professionals, specializes in providing electric, acoustic and classical guitar and ukulele lessons.


Our team of highly professional and dedicated teachers will go the extra miles to help you fulfil your dreams and aspirations. We also coach and guide students for graded exams by Rockschool London College of Music, RGT Registry of Guitar Tutor and ABRSM Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


Join Singapore Guitar Tutor for fun-filled and easy-to-learn guitar or ukulele courses.

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