FAQ for Students

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Follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Enter your request for a teacher  and we will begin shortlisting teachers for you according to your preferences. 
  2. Within 1-2 days, we will send you an email with a comprehensive list of teachers along with their fees, where you can then select your teacher. 
  3. After a successful selection, you will receive a confirmation email and you are ready for your first lesson! 

We do not set the lesson fees, each guitar teacher sets his/her own fees. Generally, the higher the qualification of the teacher and a more experienced teacher will charge a higher fee than a less experienced teacher. Nonetheless, you may refer to our pricing list to see the current market rates.  

The teacher may also charge more if he/she is teaching at your place. Nonetheless, you may refer to our pricing list to see the current market rates. 


Yes, this is an entirely free service for parents or students looking for guitar teachers.  You are only required to pay for the lessons conducted and nothing else. 

Is there a minimum appointment period? What if the teacher is not suitable? 

There is no minimum appointment period but we strongly encourage students to have at least 4 lessons. From our experience, it usually takes around 3 to 4 lessons for a teacher and student to warm up to each other. In the event that you really find the teacher not suitable after the 4 lessons, you may discontinue or switch to another teacher at no additional charge. 

We do not have a restriction imposed on how students should pay the teachers. You have to discuss with the teacher on the preferred method. All lesson fees shall be paid directly to your guitar teacher. We recommend paying the lesson fees at the start of the month or every 4 lessons. Nonetheless, there must not be any advance payment.  

Can the teacher send me/my child for guitar exams? 

Yes, definitely. All guitar teachers are able to prepare students for exams as well as help sign them up with the respective examination boards. 

If you wish to learn at home: 

Yes, you need to purchase an instrument! Please ensure that you have one at home before the teacher starts his/her lessons with you. 

If you wish to learn at the teacher’s place: 

If you do not have a guitar, you may request to check if the guitar teacher has an extra instrument. For such cases, please let us know beforehand so we can help you find a teacher who has it. We also recommend that you purchase one so that you can practice at home. However, if you don’t, we wouldn’t advise rushing into purchasing as the teacher may provide valuable advice on which guitar to choose. 

At Singapore Guitar Tutor, we work only with qualified and responsible guitar teachers. We value the quality of teachers and do our best to ensure the quality is upheld.  When each guitar teacher signs up with us, we verify their credentials and experiences before accepting him/her.  

If you wish to personally review the teacher’s qualifications, you may make a request to us to inform the teacher to bring his/her certificates on the first lesson. 

How do I clarify my queries/ provide feedback? 

Please feel free to contact us at admin@singaporeguitartutor.com.sg and we will reply to your queries/ feedback as soon as we can 

For urgent questions, you may also message us by WhatsApp at +65 86853914. 

Please note that Singapore Guitar Tutor is not responsible for the actions of any teacher. These guitar teachers are freelancers and independent. Solving any disputes between students/parents and teachers is entirely out of goodwill and not obligated. 

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